Nassau Re Announces New Capital for Growth and Rebranding of Core Subsidiaries

Hartford, CT, Nov. 27, 2018 – Nassau Re has secured an additional $200 million of committed equity capital from its existing sponsor, Golden Gate Capital, to support its accelerated growth plans for the company’s fixed annuity and life insurance businesses.

Nassau Re recently initiated a rebranding of its core insurance subsidiaries into a single Nassau brand. With a strengthened and unified brand in the marketplace, Nassau Re is better positioned to expand its suite of insurance products and execute on increased sales in partnership with select independent marketing organizations, as well as its direct-to-consumer online business.

“The return to growth, beginning with the rebranding of our core insurance companies is an exciting new chapter for Nassau Re and Phoenix. Over this past year, we have successfully completed the transformation and integration of our insurance companies while laying the foundation for stable, long-term growth. Looking ahead, we will continue providing our suite of competitive products while working closely with our distribution partners to develop new and innovative insurance products to meet our clients’ needs,” said Phillip J. Gass, Chief Executive Officer of Nassau Re. “The additional growth capital we have successfully raised will ensure seamless execution of our exciting growth initiatives for 2019 and beyond.”

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Alice EricsonNassau Re Announces New Capital for Growth and Rebranding of Core Subsidiaries
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VentureClash Announces Winners of 2018 $5 Million Global Venture Challenge

Nassau Re was a proud sponsor of VentureClash, $5 million global investment challenge for early-stage companies in digital health, financial technology, insurance technology and the Internet of Things. The final pitch event was held on Thursday, October 18, at the Yale School of Management in New Haven.

In all, nine companies from six different countries participated in the final pitch event. VentureClash judges awarded six companies with investments, mentoring and customer introductions to help them grow and succeed. The winning companies are required to establish a presence in Connecticut.

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Alice EricsonVentureClash Announces Winners of 2018 $5 Million Global Venture Challenge
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Nassau Re’s Expanded Website is Live; Incorporates All Content from Phoenix’s Website

Hartford, CT, July 10, 2018 – Nassau Re launched an expanded website today at, incorporating all of the consumer and agent resources previously found on Phoenix’s website, The consolidated website is an early step in the company’s move to grow under the Nassau Re brand. In the coming months, more sales and service materials will begin to carry the Nassau Re name.

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Alice EricsonNassau Re’s Expanded Website is Live; Incorporates All Content from Phoenix’s Website
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LOMA’s Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute professional designation

Michael Zanta, assistant vice president and product delivery manager, talks about pursuing LOMA’s  Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute (FSRI) professional designation in LOMA’s monthly magazine.

LOMA, an international trade association for the insurance and financial services industry, launched the FSRI professional designation program in 2013 to support the growing retirement planning and income marketplace.

Zanta said, “The FSRI designation program provided me with a solid understanding of the pillars that support retirement programs in the United States, as well as the opportunities that exist to make these programs more sustainable.”

He added, “… All companies need to think innovatively to provide the products our clients need in the ever-changing retirement environment.”

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Alice EricsonLOMA’s Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute professional designation
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Accelerator Programs Offer Access to Innovation

Paul Tyler, Nassau Re’s chief marking officer, talks about boosting insurance innovation in Hartford with the newly formed insurtech accelerator. Hartford InsurTech Hub opened in January, driven by Startupbootcamp, a Danish firm the operates accelerators in several industries.

“Paul Tyler moved to Hartford, Conn., in 2016 as chief marketing officer for Phoenix Life Insurance. Hartford has long been an insurance hub, and Tyler was eager to learn how the industry was responding to changes in consumers’ buying habits.

““When I arrived in Hartford, I was thinking, wow, there’s got to be a lot of stuff going on,’’ Tyler says. “I started reaching out to a lot of people to see what was happening, and it was very, very quiet, just kind of waiting for somebody to throw a match.”

“Two years later, a match has been thrown.

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Alice EricsonAccelerator Programs Offer Access to Innovation
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